Tweets About Flowers

Tweets About Flowers

flowers4blog looks at recent tweets about flowers and asks, what do flowers mean to you?

We’ve rounded up some recent questions about flowers on Twitter and published some of the top ones below. What questions do flowers bring to mind for you? Have you ever received them..just because…?

Leave your responses below, we’d love to hear!


Naira♥ ‏@Omo_Edo_

Questions for my guys! When you buy a lady flowers and a card…. Does it mean you really care?


I want chocolate and flowers. Am I asking for too much?


What kind of flowers should you give to a girl?


You know what would be nice? FlowersFlowers would be lovely. Red roses. I’ve never received flowers. My bday is Saturday. Send me some!!!!


I just want a guy that makes me laugh and buys me flowers. Too much?


Frenchie  ‏@Moniicaisdead

Why is it so difficult to pick out the bouquet of flowers for a wedding?


Ayto Ates @tZachg

Where the girls who eat eadible flowers at?


what kind of flowers to get for my momma?


I’ve never gotten flowers before.. is it nice?


You know what I love? Flowers. They make me happy.


do guys give girls flowers anymore just because?


Why do females love flowers so much?


I know it’s past visiting hours, but can I please give her theseflowers?


is it to old fashion to be asked out in person? To come pick me up at my door with some flowers?


What ever happened to a boy bringing his girlfriend flowers? I want that.


If a girl sent a guy flowers, would that be weird?


Is it weird I buy myself fresh flowers every week?


would it really make a girls heart melt if she got flowers??


@nicklord_: Do girls really like flowers?” YES


I just wanna receive flowers randomly from someone, is that too much to ask?


SheDevil✨ ‏@SnowWhite_Girl

“YOU NEVER GET ME FLOWERS! Why don’t you ever get meflowers?!”


When is the last time you ladies received flowers?