Spring Flowers Bring Fresh Colour To The Canvas Of Our Lives

20130103_132817Pablo Neruda once said, “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot stop Spring from coming” and to this end we would ask, why would you want to?

Spring represents the time of year of new life and new beginnings, flowers in bloom, love, warmth and laughter. It’s a time when the ice and snow have finally melted and the leaves have begun to appear on the trees, buds are in bloom and a streak of fresh colour makes itself known in the world.

All the insects that have been absent in the cold winter months make a welcome re-appearance and it seems as if new birds take to the skies against a backdrop of flourishing vegetation. If spring represents an awakening of life then nowhere is this better reflected than in the beauty and variety of blooms and flowers that we find there.

Not to forget the clocks go forward, giving us lighter, brighter evenings in which to enjoy the beauty of nature.

So what are the top spring flowers that symbolise this most prized of seasons and brighten up our homes and our lives?


With their brightly coloured petals and black centres, anemone flowers appear in April through to May and are very fragile flowers that are wonderfully delicate in appearance.

These flowers can look particularly nice in bridal bouquets and table arrangements, for their soft and vibrant petals and can be found in many shades and colours.



These beautifully sweet scented flowers are frequently associated with rebirth and are a lovely example of spring flowers. As cut flowers they are very fragrant and fill a room with a crisp freshness that perfectly compliments their appearance.

As bulbs they are in season from November until April and the cut flowers begin to make an appearance typically in early February.



The Narcissus genus of flowering plants includes the daffodil, narcissus and jonquil.  The daffodil itself is a signature flower for spring and is used as an emblem for various cancer charities, including Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Some of the most beautiful of the species are the flowering Paper White daffodils which make beautiful wedding flowers and table arrangements. 



Found predominantly in colours of bright yellow or white, the Ranunculus is from the genus of buttercups and certain rose like species are often found in spring bouquets and arrangements and bridal bouquets and wedding flowers.

Having many layers of thin, crepe like petals, these flowers are long lasting and make an attractive addition to a bouquet.



Epitomising the spring flower, tulips can be found in a variety of colours including bright pinks, oranges, yellows and reds.

These flowers can look stunning when arranged as part of an all tulip bouquet in a variety of colours or make a great addition to a table arrangement. They can be very versatile in their uses and are available from winter through to early summer.

 With spring flowers now in abundance this is a time of year when many varieties can be appreciated and enjoyed. We think spring flowers are among the most beautiful examples of cut flowers of all the seasons. Let us know your favourite spring flowers and share with your friends by commenting below!

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