Send Valentines Day Flowers For The Perfect Romantic Gift

The History of Valentine’s Day

Traced back to the 14th Century, Valentine’s day is widely celebrated the world over and is among the most romantic of days celebrated by couples everywhere. The meaning of valentines day flowers stems back a long way through history, and while it may be tempting to question the relevance for today’s setting, in reality its long standing tradition only serves to make the significance of the day even more special.

While little is known of St Valentine, he is frequently referred to as a third century Roman Saint, imprisoned  for performing marriage ceremonies among soldiers who at the time were forbidden to marry, while also administering to Christians, which was a punishable offence as they were persecuted under the Roman Empire. St Valentine himself may refer to one person or be a combined legend pieced together from the collective writing s of various sources and accounts.

Regardless, the tradition itself emerges in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, by which time it had become common practise for couples to express their love through the sending of valentines day flowers flowers, chocolates and cards known as Valentines.  The result of this was that the stories of legend had become anchored to that one day and the symbolic expression of love has been carried forward from that day since.

Valentine’s Day Today

Now celebrated in many countries, perhaps the most widespread of traditions is that of sending Valentines flowers to your loved on on this special day. To this end it is not uncommon to see street sellers and restaurants among other establishments selling single red roses to couples to have them commit to a public expression of love.

Flower shops the world over are greeted by scores of men and women looking to buy that perfect romantic gesture for their partner and window displays are adorned with hearts and flowers sending brilliant red signals to passers by that the day is drawing near.

The symbol of sending valentines day flowers rests deep within our collective consciousness and the sending of roses or other brightly red coloured flowers to a lover on this day is an expression that is guaranteed to resonate deep within their heart.


Ideas for Valentines Day Flowers


single_red_roseSingle Red Rose

Nothing says ‘I love you‘ like a single red rose and this one flower alone is so steeped in tradition as to melt her heart at the mere thought of receiving one. Be sure to buy the best quality roses you can afford and this is one occasion you don’t want to hold back on cost. Valentine’s day is all about extravagance and indulgence. Think lavish presentations and indulgent display boxes for maximum effect.


Luxury Red Rose CollectionTwelve Red Roses

As an alternative to a single red rose, the sending of 12 red roses is for when you want to climb that extra mile to declare your love in the most expressive of ways.  The number twelve is significant for many reasons. We have 12 months of the year, 12 hours on the clock and 12 signs of the zodiac so 12 red roses can be taken to mean, ‘I love you always and forever‘. The message here is one of abundance and grandeur and is communicated with a flair and magnificence that is as breathtaking as it is sublime.

Red Tulip Bouquet

Tulips are a fairly popular alternative to roses and also carry meanings associated with love. While taking a step back from the fiery heat of passion symbolised in roses, tulips symbolise the expression of perfect love and symbolise selfless love and therefore your dedication to that special someone in your life. A red tulip says. ‘I love you unconditionally‘.

Valentine’s Bouquets, Baskets & Arrangements

Pink Rose Planted Basket

In addition to the flower types mentioned, you may wish to opt for a bouquet, arrangement or basket of flowers with a romantic twist. For those times when you wish to express your love but would rather not make a gesture of such grand proportions as the rose bouquet, perhaps consider an arrangeable of pretty coloured flowers, to include red roses and brightly coloured flowers that carries a more understated approach while still sending a clear message of love and affection, to brighten your loved one’s day while infusing their heart with feelings of warmth and joy.

Choosing the right flowers for Valentine’s day depends on the relationship you have with your partner and the sentiment you wish to communicate. To some extent it also depends on your character and how you like to express your emotions and feelings of love. For a collection of Valentines Day Flowers that will enchant and enthrall your loved this Valentine’s day visit