Lily Allen Gets Surprise Flowers

What could be more romantic than your loved one sending you a surprise bouquet of flowers?

In the past day,  gossip columns were buzzing with the news that lily Allen get surprise flowers from her husband.

Yesterday, the singer Lily Allen announced that her husband Sam Cooper surprised her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, simply because he loved her.

The singer, who is currently pregnant with her second child, after receiving the flowers tweeted “Aaaah, my husband just sent me flowers. No reason. I love him.”

The singer has had a difficult time recently following a flight back from America where she suffered from jetlag that caused her to tweet, “I just want sleep. still can’t sleep. When does jet lag stop being jetlag and start being just plain old insomnia ? #5thnightofthiss**tinarow. (sic)”

She later added: ”jetlag is turning me sour. im becoming more and more like Charlize Theron in Young Adult as The Days go by. with less height and considerably less sex appeal. im actually loosing it (sic).”

Lily now six months pregnant with her second child has a 22 month old daughter Ethel with Sam and clearly impressed with this latest gesture.

It’s often the case that men send women flowers although the gesture is at its  most romantic when  it comes as a complete surprise.

We think that among all the reasons to send flowers, nothing comes close to the sentiment that comes from a romantic gesture of affection.

To surprise your partner with flowers in this way clearly makes a huge impression, as Lily Allen flowers surprise has revealed.

Whether at home or in the office, the sentiment is captured perfectly and the flowers a vibrant reminder of your partners love and affection.

What do you think of the idea of receiving flowers from your loved one? Has your partner ever sent you flowers and did you find it romantic?

Surprise your partner and send a beautiful bouquet of romantic flowers to your loved one today!