International Flower Delivery

Flowers are a beautiful gift to send and a pleasure to receive. There are also many ways to send them, from visiting your local florist to placing an order online.

That said, we’ve looked around and not every florist or website is able to offer international flower delivery. So what happens when you want to send international flowers?

Well, the simple answer is that you need to find an international florist.

Many florists have unique selling points which make them attractive to the customer in different ways. For the purpose on sending international flowers, look for a florist with international flower delivery clearly mentioned on their homepage.

You may find these are sorted by country for ease of use or that there is an international option included on the bouquet you are looking to send.

Some florists are more prepared to deliver to European countries, while others have the infrastructure to deliver all over the world.

So first of all bear in mind where you wish to send flowers internationally, be it EuropeEgyptMorocco or  South Africa,  Canadathe CaribbeanCentral America,South America or the United States.

With these countries look out for same day flower delivery, as many companies are able to offer this, (provided you place the order early enough).

You’ll also find the occasional site that can offer international flower delivery to the rest of the world, including,  AustraliaNew Zealand,ChinaHawaiiHong KongSingapore. Remember that typically same day delivery wont be available in these countries to allow for the time and organisation involved in arranging the delivery.

Be aware of international time differences when ordering overseas, as these  play a deciding factor in delivery times and availability. Sundays and bank holiday weekends will also play a part, as will regional holidays and festivities, so be sure to plan ahead!

Also, check that the company has strong international links with trusted local florists and that they have a network that is able to support the service.

You should also be aware of the costs associated with sending international flowers. Choosing a reliable service that has a good relationship with a strong network of international florists need not be expensive and in some cases could even work out a great deal cheaper than you may expect.  Be mindful of over inflated costs and hidden charges, and look for a quality florist that represents good value for money.

With these types of services, wherever you are in the world you can get flowers delivered directly from a local florist to your home, hospital, office or hotel – whether it’s London, Paris, or Tokyo and you can have flowers delivered to that special person on their special day where they happen to be.

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