Grandparents Day Gift Ideas

This month sees the celebration of Grandparents Day in the UK.  The day was introduced by the charity age concern as a celebration for grandparents in 1990 having been a holiday in America since 1978.

While in America the day is a secular holiday and is much more widely celebrated than in the UK, it is nonetheless become much more popular here and is now fixed as being on the first Sunday in October, which this years falls on the 7th.

The Meaning of  Grandparents Day

Some of our earliest memories of growing up are of the times we spend with our grandparents and for many they will always hold a special place in their hearts.

Fond memories of activities with our grandparents are among our most cherished moments, so what better way to celebrate than to show our appreciation at this time of the year?

The stories they used to tell us, the playing of games such as cards and blackjack and fun days out, not to mention the Christmas celebrations and home cooking are all great reasons to celebrate grandparents day.

Gifts For Grandparents Day

There are many ways to say thank you to your grandparents for what they have brought into you life and to show your appreciation.

Perhaps sending some quality family time together, and organising a family celebration may be what they like best.  Cooking a meal is a great family activity and shows them that they are loved and cared for.

Gifts can range across objects or ornaments that may brighten up the house or garden, to traditional presents that will remind them of days gone by.

For the more adventurous, perhaps planning a day out together would be just the thing. This can be anything from a day spent in the park, to going to see a show or a trip to the zoo.

It can be fun to plan something that reminds you of the times you used to spend together growing up so think back to what you both used to enjoy the most!

Most of all grandparents day is to show what a valuable part they have played in our lives and continue to do so and a chance to be able to give something back by way of celebrating their own very special day.

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