flowers4 celebrate the launch of their new online florist website

This week, we’re really pleased and excited to reveal to you all the launch of our brand new flowers and gifts website. This has been redesigned from the ground up and aims to provide a much better user experience through as cleaner interface and simplified ordering process.

The previous website had been with us for a few years and while it had served its purpose well, we felt it was about time for it to go! The new site focuses on much larger images, a more accessible navigation menu and a rebranded contemporary colour scheme that we felt better reflects the image of the company.

The idea was to build a site that would be represent flowers4 for years to come and remain contemporary in the online florist marketplace. We very pleased with the result and invite you all to take a look at the website and let us know what you think.

This screenshot demonstrates the contemporary colour scheme consisting of pinks, whites and charcoals along with  a new banner for the website.

You can see the clearer, larger, crisp images in rows of three with a carousel that scrolls to advance the pages.

The site has been designed to deliver a more personal and simplified user experience, with the the focal point on the quality of the flowers and gifts displayed.

Promotional offers and seasonal flowers will appear on the jQuery slider under the flower images and will link directly to the offer page displayed.

In references to the experience of the user, we have changed the login screen and profile menu tabs which enable the member to manage the different features of their account as well as review their order history.  Loyalty bonuses from prior orders are shown here, together with customer details and any reminder dates that have been added.

We have refined to order process and designed a more intuitive interface  to allow for a more seamless user experience and  simplicity of placing an order.

The website has a few additional features and improvements over its predecessor, including a frequently updated price guide, a search bar for product codes and a full site-map. Reviews from customers are shown beneath the menu on the left hand column of the site.

The international flower delivery pages can be accessed from the top menu navigation bar, with the world maps being replaced by country flags that lead to country specific pages, along with the flower arrangements and types that can typically be ordered in these countries.

We hope you like the new look of our new online florist website and find it more accessible. We’d like to invite you to tale a look around, with no obligation to purchase and let us know your thoughts. Similarly, if you have used the website before we’d also like to hear your feedback and suggestions on how this one compares. Please leave any feedback below or use the contact form on the blog site.

Visit the new flowers4 website at