flowers4 blog site launched!

We’re really pleased today to announce the launch of the new flowers4 blog. This has been a project we’ve been anxious to get off the ground for some time  now and we hope you like the way it looks.

One of the key reasons that we set this blog up was so that we could find an easy way to connect and stay in touch with our customers. To this end, we will be publishing posts about diverse subjects, from the meanings of flowers to tips and techniques on flower arrangements  and everything in between.

We’ll also be posting news and updates about the main site and running anything  from polls to competitions on a regular basis.

You may have noticed that we’ve included a fair number of social media links on the blog.  The reason for this is that we’d love to connect with each of you on any of the networks you use regularly, so please don’t hesitate to share or connect with us there.

Right now the comments section is Facebook enabled, and we’d like to know your though on this, so please leave a comment below if you’d like additional ways of commenting added to the blog.

On that note, feel free to comment on any of the posts or features on the blog. Part of this process is to encourage an open discussion with our readers and we’ll do our best to respond to each comment as fast as we can.

If you need to contact us for any reason or  would like to request more information on any of our services, you’ll notice there’s a contact page on the navigation menu created  just for this purpose.

While the blog right now is fairly sparse in terms of information, we expect to pick that up over the coming weeks, so remember to check back regularly for updates or connect with the RSS feed at the top of every page.

Ok, I think that just about wraps things up for now.  Once again, please do submit your comments and suggestions below, we’d really love to hear!


the flowers4 team