Is A Florist Career A Good Choice?

Are Florists In Demand?

Recently we’ve been looking the question of whether florists are in demand and whether a florist career remains a worthwhile profession.

With more and more people using florists for their needs we think the answer to both these questions is a resounding yes!

Weddings and ceremonies are prime examples of where you may expect to see a florist in demand as are times of celebration and festivity.

Weddings in particular are events where professional florists are required to create the desired ambience within the setting. They are also occasions of great expense and require highly trained florists to meet the  equally high standards the client demands.

Because of this they are also very lucrative affairs for the florist and recently we have seen designers team up with relay companies using custom bridal bouquets as a way to tap into this revenue stream.

This ‘designer’ element to weddings is nothing more than a clever marketing tool, as highly trained florists will be able to create very personal and individual flowers for your wedding day with ease and at no extra cost, making them the preferred choice for most couples.

Specialist Florists Vs Convenience flowers

There is of late, a rise in the number of supermarkets and convenience stores that offer low cost bouquets for sale as an impulse buy at the checkout. While these may appeal to those people that are in a hurry or not too concerned with the quality of flowers, the more discerning customer will almost always avoid these offerings.

It is also often true that these specimens generally tend to last only a short while and while being in some cases suitable for placing around the house, the frequency that you would have t by them makes it something of a false economy.

This leaves the high street florist in a strong position as being the one place in town that you can still get beautiful fresh cut flowers and bouquets and in many cases for less cost than one might think.

For many, the allure of  fresh cut flowers arranged by an expert florist far exceeds the impulse simply to plonk some stems in a vase, and even bought less frequently become something of a special treat to brighten their surroundings.

Customers Go Direct To Florists

We are also seeing a trend for people to use independent florists as opposed to the order gatherers and mass relay companies that have been so prevalent before now.

To meet these demands and reflect the new ways florists are doing business online there has been surge in the rise of specialist florist directories which allow customer to send flowers direct.

This puts the local florist in a strong position as they are in control of the order and don’t have to pay often high relay fees to the order gatherers. It also allows the customer to send flowers for less and receive better value for money.

Is A Career As A Florist Right For You?

So, to sum up, now is a great time to get involved as a florist as there are many functions and occasions for which florists are in high demand.  As a skilled career choice it can be a very rewarding pursuit and has many areas of specialisation.

While a skill that takes time and discipline to learn, a florist career is most suited to those who possess a creative and artistic flair. To be able to appreciate the beauty of the art can be a rewarding experience in itself, and once you find your niche, a lifelong vocation awaits.