Autumn Flowers Bring A Vibrant Display Of Bright Seasonal Colours

Autumn Flowers

Autumn flowers are predicted to bring a vibrant display if seasonal colour this October as the rainy summer months have brought about a rich tapestry of brilliant colour across the country.

Dazzling displays of intense colours are forecast to be seen in woodland areas,  with shades of reds, yellows, oranges and browns set to take centre stage as the August sunshine has breathed fresh life into flowers.

This can only be good news for bees and butterflies, who now find that food is in plentiful supply as flowers and plants rich in nectar come alive, following a washed out summer.

We are also beginning to see berries start to ripen much later in the season than expected.  Typically, these are full bodied and rounded, although this late in the year they may take on a slightly diminished appearance.

One thing that is most noticeable is the very lush and lavish fullness of trees and seeing the tree lines while watching from a garden or taking a journey through the countryside reveals a abundance of foliage.

The heavy rainfall has also gone some way to preserve the autumn leaves on trees and as they have not fallen so early, the richness of colours is set to be more striking than usual this time of year for autumn flowers. That said, leaf tints have not yet started to show in many areas and the public have been asked by the Woodland’s Trust to send in reports of changing leaf colours to

Trees such as wild cherry, which are among the earliest to demonstrate Autumn colours, are now starting to show the hallmark signs of purples, yellows and reds. If we continue to get the sunshine that has been prevalent in September, followed by cooler nights we may well be in for a treat of fiery and passionate autumn colours this season.

As these would be the ideal conditions for the vibrant colours that we associate with the season, let’s hope these conditions continue and we could be in for a dramatic display of rich and plentiful colour this autumn.

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