A Single Red Rose To Say I Love You

Single Red Rose

A Single Red Rose…

The rose is a flower that is well known for its meaning. Associated with love and romance the world over, the single red rose occupies a special place in our hearts. While not the only colour of rose, it is usually the one which springs to mind when thoughts turn to a romantic gesture.

While Valentine’s day may only come but once a year, the red rose is a flower that you can find in season all year round. Moreover, it’s not just on Valentine’s day that you may want to send a single red rose to your loved one.  The sentiment of love can be shared no matter what the month and for a variety of reasons and the message conveyed will always be the same.

So what is it about a single red rose that brings this association to our minds?

One thought is that the red rose has the colour and shape of a heart and its a way of truly offering your affection to your partner, literally giving your heart to them. The colours can range from  deep red to burgundy with bright red being more associated with romance. Another view is that the colour derives form an early symbol for life that has become a metaphor for heartfelt emotion and burning passion.

small__4314187082There is also meaning in the single red rose as opposed to a bunch  of six or twelve red roses. A single red rose shows love, while two may symbolise engagement. A  dozen display gratitude, twenty five is commonly used for congratulations and fifty red roses symbolise a gesture of  unconditional love.

Perhaps one of the reasons the rose is so deeply ingrained in our consciousness is the countless years of artistic works of importance that have given significance to the flower. Paintings, poetry, music and film all pay homage to the symbolic nature of the rose and carry it from generation to generation.

The rose is found in mythological works where it is connected with the Goddess of Love.  They were also traditionally used to decorate marriage ceremonies and even worn as part of the wedding attire. In this context they can also be said to symbolise fidelity.

We again see the rose as a language of flowers in the 18th Century where lovers were not able to so openly speak of their affections and would used the single red rose to signal affection to the object of their desire.

Red roses are often seen in marriages where the message is that the love between the couple is still growing and passion still reigns.

…To Say I Love You

dreamstimefree_65994scaledThus we see the rise of the rose and all its meanings crystallised in the single red rose we have today to say which says, ‘I love you‘.  A love that can overcome thorns and rises from the very depths of your heart.

This is a flower that transcends boundaries and is universally understood in its intent as much as it is unparalleled in its ability to spark attraction and desire.

So whatever your reason for sending a rose to your loved one, consider the depth of meaning and heritage behind this common gesture and the reasons why it has come to be  such a powerful symbol of love and romance.

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photo credit: Ben K Adams via photopin cc